Cafe Church

Café Church meets from 5.45 – 7 pm each Sunday in the Lounge, set out café style with coffee, tea, doughnuts and the like available throughout the service.

The weekly congregation (typically 50 adults) is diverse and eclectic, some coming from the Soup Kitchen which runs in our building, some with special needs, some with English as a second language, many simply drawn to its relaxed and interactive approach. Some who attend morning congregations at other churches come. Café Church welcomes, accepts and tries to include anyone who comes, especially those who feel comfortable in a less conventional church service.

Teaching and sharing of faith stories are Christ-centred. Music, poetry and participation are important elements. Prayer and discussion take place round the tables and in the room as a whole. Communion is celebrated monthly. Worship and laughter go hand in hand. Not everything that happens has been planned.

Café Church treats life and faith seriously but also has some fun. We are all broken people in some way or other: Café Church has seen that with time and patience, the love of God can change us for the better and create community.


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Café Church